tragicromance88's Journal

6 August 1989


!!!, 18+, add me, adolescent psychology, agnosticism, alone, anxiety, art, bassists, bisexual, bitting, black, bleeding, blonde, blood, blue eyes, body mods, books, borderline personality disorder, boys kissing, bright colors, burning, candles, clothes, clouds, college, colorful pens, creative writing, creativity, crying, cutting, daydreaming, depression, diet pills, dieting, dork, dreams, eastern illinois university, ednos, elite, emo, emotional, eyeliner, fandom, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, fashion, fate, foreign languages, freebies, friends, gay pride, geek, germany, glamour, graphic freebies, graphic requests, graphics, hair dye, harry potter, harry potter fan fiction, hate, hip bones, history, hogwarts, hoodies, horror films, hp, html, hugs, iced tea, icons, illinois, imagination, insomnia, internal medicine, internet, iowa, jack sparrow, jagermeister, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, journals, karma, letters, life, lifeless, literature, love, lyrics, men, mental health, mixtapes, movies, music, my bed, myspace, nerd, numbness, opinionated, originality, pain, panic attacks, paranormal, people watching, personality disorders, philosophy, photography, piercings, pirates, poetry, politics, premade layouts, psychology, rain, rainbows, random people, rating communities, razor blades, reading, requests, romance, scars, screaming, secrets, self injury, self mutilation, serial killers, sex, si, skinny, slash fanfiction, smoking, smut, sociology, sorting, stars, storms, tattoos, text messaging, the used, truth, university of illinois, vampires, video games, vodka, weird people, words, writing